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If you want to develop your own sound, finding some free VST effects and/or instruments on the web will help give your “ish” something different.  VST’s are virtual instruments/plugin fx that are usually not standalone but rather they need to be opened up in a sequencer or host.  There are unlimited options out there… just have to know where to look.

I use Izotope Vinyl (to get a super lofi sound) and Camel Crusher (to crunch sounds up) all the frickin time.  If your looking for some other interesting VST’s to try out….try Triforce to get a Nintendo sound, Synth1 for some synth sounds, or the Talkbox vocoder.

KVR Audio is one of the most widely known VST databases.  If you’re looking for something specific, fill in some info in their search form and you’ll have several options to pick from.  My advice: check out their ranks/ratings and download the top rated VST’s.

Check out this list over at Logic Pro Help to find which VST’s other Mac users are using or check out this list which gives reviews and explanations of 140 common PC VST’s.

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