How To

This page will TRY to give step by step instructions on how to download my wav files into several different types of samplers.  With that being said, i’m not an expert on every single sampler so if you have any questions/problems then try Google, your sampler’s website, or READING YOUR F#@KING MANUAL!


Click on the IMPORT button and choose SAMPLES from the pop-up menu. Now Sampletank will prompt you for a folder selection, here you need to select the folder that contains the samples you want to import.
*IMPORTANT: the samples cannot be individually selected here, you can only select the folder.

Once the folder has been selected you will be see the Sample Conversion Window. Select the samples that you want to be converted by checking the boxes to the right of the sample name.

*IMPORTANT: Sampletank is very specific as to how files can be named in order for them to be imported properly. If the samples are not already, rename the files in this format:
your drum name c2 v127.wav
your drum name d2 v127.wav
your drum name e2 v127.wav


Open up the EXS24 drum sampler and pull up the EXS Instrument Editor by clicking the edit button in the top right corner.  Select all of the wav files that you would like mapped out onto your keyboard and drag them to the EXS Instrument Editor  window.

Set up all of your parameters, select all of the wav files again and drag them to the empty space in the “Zones” menu.  A new group appears in the “Zones” menu titled Group #1, Rename it to whatever you want.

Still in EXS24 Instrument Editor, Go to the Instrument pull down menu and click “Export Sampler Instrument and Sample Files.”  Name the Sample Kit and save it in Mac HD/library/application support/logic/sampler instruments.


read and download the F#@king manuals here:



check this tutorial