About Site

DOWNLOADMYDRUMS gives musicians, producers, and part-time music dabblers royalty-free wav files for download and use in their commercial and non-commercial projects.  To put it simply, download the drum samples, presets, or anything else offered at downloadmydrums.com for free and start making your beats.  Pretty simple, right?  About the only thing you CAN’T do is turn around and sell my samples as your own (the samples are free but not copyright free…i own the copyrights).

Whether you’re just dabbling in music production or you’re the hottest mega-producer in the game, you will always need new, crisp, high quality, punch you in the mouth drum samples.  Most producers are very secretive with their drum samples.  They spend a lot of time and money tweaking their kicks, hats, and snares to try to come up with their signature sounds.  While I do feel that developing your sound is important and I would encourage all producers to do so, it’s also important to expand you drum collection so you have a buttload of options.  I look at it like this; just because you give two painters the same paints, doesn’t mean they’ll paint the same picture.  So I’m sharing my drums, presets, tips, etc. with the hope that someday a producer will come along, be inspired by what i’ve given away for free, think outside the box, and create music that’s completely different.

This site will offer drum sample packs containing several one-shot wav files on a regular basis.  Wav files can be imported into just about any soft sampler including but not limited to: Cubase, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Cakewalk, Sonar, Native Instrument Samplers, Nuendo, Pro-Tools, FL Studio, Akai MPC, Digital Performer, Magix, Tracktion, Steinberg Squel, Sonar, Windows Media Player, etc.  DOWNLOADMYDRUMS will also post plug-in presets, tips, tricks, and tons of other freebies to keep you inspired.

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